About me

It takes a great deal of courage to seek help and to begin to explore and work through personal difficulties. I endeavour to be a guide through your journey of self-reflection and self-transformation; listening to your concerns without judgment and exploring together how we can help you to move forward in life.

Perhaps you are looking for support in dealing with a specific mental health concern like anxiety or depression, or perhaps you are looking for support in finding a greater sense of balance in your life, or in creating a richer, more meaningful life for yourself. Some of my clients enjoy exploring the spiritual dimension of their lives, which often comes to the forefront when we are experiencing personal difficulties (see my Events page for more information)

Regardless of the issue, as a Clinical Psychologist, I am experienced in a variety of evidence-based approaches and techniques including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). Alongside mainstream psychology approaches, I draw on the fields of mind-body medicine and neuroscience, as well as meditative approaches, where it feels relevant in the work. A great deal of my clinical expertise comes from applying these approaches in my own personal journey of self-transformation.

My belief

The difficulties that we encounter in life can help to shine a light on the areas of our life that are not working for us.

They give us an opportunity to make different choices and create a life in line with our values.

I would be honoured to support your journey of self-transformation

Dr Darshan Kaur

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