We are delighted to invite you to this half- day, experiential workshop for those fellow seekers who are on the journey of Mind-Body Healing and True Self Discovery. 

This practical workshop will draw on the the wisdom of Gurbani, the science of psychology, neuroscience and mind body medicine, which have transformed our own lives, as well as the lives of others. 

Please check @drdarshankaur bio/DM us for the link to register for your ticket. 

We are Jot saroop, we are the light,  that is a drop in the ocean of the Divine.  Our mind is the child of the Divine, Vaheguru, Ram, Allah, Sach, The Supreme consciousness from whom we descended. 

When we practically experience the Truth of who we are through Simran/meditation then we realise our essence that is never born and never dies, that has no fear, that has no hate. That is the embodiment of love. And we become the same.

Through meditation, our mind comes to reside in its True home (Nij Ghar) and never has to wander again. We finally find the peace, contentment and love that we have been looking for our whole lives. We feel whole, complete, and do not want for anything ever again. 

With the Grace of the Divine, this practical 8 week course will draw on the wisdom of Gurbani, and the science of psychology, quantam physics and mind body medicine. 
Delighted to join
@baljitsingh13daas again
for a Conquering Your Mind session on guilt and forgiveness.

Guilt is a strong emotion that we may end up carrying around with us our whole lives..

We will delve into the wisdom of gurbani to learn how we can we free ourselves from its shackles, and learn how to forgive ourselves and others. 
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